Andrew T. Karlin


I grew up in Los Angeles. I graduated with high honors from UC Santa Barbara in 1984, having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and admission into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, I entered UCLA Law School. I worked to pay my tuition but still did well scholastically, winning American Jurisprudence awards for academic excellence in Civil Procedure, Evidence and Remedies. I graduated from UCLA Law School in 1988. I passed the California Bar exam on my first try and received my license to practice law in December 1988. I am a member in good standing of the California Bar and the Los Angeles Bar Association. I began my legal career at Cox, Castle & Nicholson, a respected Century City law firm.

Andrew T. Karlin

Andrew T. Karlin

I have practiced real estate law since 1988. In 1992 I opened my own office on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. I represent residential and commercial tenants and landlords, residential and commercial property buyers and sellers, and contractors and customers of contractors. My services include client counseling regarding their legal rights and responsibilities, profitability strategizing, contract negotiation, informal dispute resolution and litigation.

When I was growing up, my father hired a lawyer to collect a $16,000 debt. The lawyer “won” the case, and gave my father a $20,000 bill. Needless to say, my father didn’t count it as a win. Due to my father’s experience and mine as a lawyer, I understand the relationship between the result obtained and the cost of obtaining it. I appreciate that lawyers are expensive, and that the amount a person spends protecting his or her rights must be proportional to the monetary value of the rights involved.

As a result, I strive to give advice that makes financial sense and craft strategies that resolve problems efficiently. To that end, I will do my best to analyze your case properly, explain things to you clearly, complete your work on schedule, return your telephone calls promptly, bill you fairly, and otherwise treat you with respect.


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