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Providing quality real estate counsel in Santa Monica, CA. since 1992.

Andrew T. Karlin is a lawyer with 30 years of experience helping Southern Californians solve real estate related legal disputes, both inside and outside the courtroom. My clients are individuals and small to medium sized businesses. They are landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers, and commercial and residential property owners and managers.

If you hire Andrew to help you with a real estate legal problem, he will represent you zealously and aggressively, and use knowledge, experience and common sense to solve it efficiently and economically. Also, he will treat you with the same respect and fairness that he insists others show him.

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Office located on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. As a result, most clients come from Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Culver City and West Hollywood, California. But Andrew represents people and companies from all over Southern California, and would be happy to help you with your legal problem wherever you are.




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Areas of Practice


I offer three services to residential landlords:
Rent control counseling, renting tips, and dealing with problem tenants, including eviction.


If you’re about to rent commercial space for your business, you will sign a contract obligating you to pay tens of thousands of dollars. If you consult with me before you rent, I can help you understand your rights, protect them, and avoid costly mistakes.


I can help you in three general areas:
Lease negotiation and drafting, dealing with tenant problems, and evicting tenants when necessary.


Buying real estate is a major investment.
Smart investors consult with a lawyer before signing a real estate purchase contract because doing so is the best way to prevent legal problems from arising later on. I can help you understand your rights, protect them, and avoid costly mistakes.


If you’re about to rent a house or an apartment, you will sign a binding contract obligating you to pay lots of money. I can review a contract before sign it, to avoid a costly mistake.


Selling real estate generally involves two contracts: The first is between the seller and the broker handling the listing. The second is between the seller and the buyer. Savvy real estate investors know that paying lawyers to review contracts before signing them is money well spent. If you consult with me before signing a Listing or Purchase Agreement, I can help you understand your rights, protect them, and avoid costly mistakes.


I strive to give advice that makes financial sense and craft strategies that resolve problems efficiently.
— Andrew Karlin


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